Fossil Fuels have got to go

Sempra Fracks Our Future

Who We Are

Sempra Energy is a fracked methane gas infrastructure company. We are San Diegans who are deeply troubled by San Diego’s relationship with SDG&E and its parent company Sempra Energy. The purpose of this website is to educate activists, ratepayers and elected officials about SDG&E and Sempra Energy and their powerful impact on our citizens and the environment.

What we do

What we do


Educate activists, elected officials and citizens about Sempra Energy’s plan to build a pipeline empire to sell fracked methane gas to the world.


We want to see a rapid end to fossil fuel pollution that threatens all life on Earth and has already caused major humanitarian catastrophes. We are fighting for a rapid transition to renewable energy and away from climate disasters like fracked methane gas.

Sempra's Profits = Climate Pollution

Sempra Energy, San Diego Gas and Electric’s parent company, says it is “an energy infrastructure company built for the future”, but that infrastructure mainly transports fracked methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

So the future they’re building really looks like climate hell.

climate hell due to fracking

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