Sempra is Fracked Gas

Dirty Secrets

What they don't want you to know...

Here we divulge some of the dirty little “secrets” that SDG&E and Sempra Energy would rather not discuss. Our intention is to help San Diegans form a complete and accurate picture of our energy suppliers. 

YOU help sell fossil fuels

Sempra’s Vision: Build a Fracked Gas Empire

Using money from SDG&E and other subsidiaries, Sempra has been building infrastructure (pipelines and terminals) to transport mainly (>80%) fracked methane gas outside of the US from ports in Texas and Mexico.

That’s right: San Diegans are forced to help Sempra Energy sell climate warming fossil fuels around the world.

SOURCE: Sempra Investment Day 2020 (Pg. 11)

San Diegans pay the most for fossil fuel distribution.

Buried deep in its Annual Report

No More Renewable Energy

Meanwhile: By mid-2019, Sempra sold ALL of its renewable (wind and solar) investments.

SOURCE:  Sempra Energy  Annual Report

Executive Rewards

Big rewards: Sempra’s executives have rewarded themselves handsomely too. $130,000,000 for just 5 people over 2 years. That’s a lot of yachts!

SDG&E GO-77 report: 2018 (page 8)

SDG&E GO-77 report: 2019 (page 8)

The amount 5 people get in bonuses can give 260 people an annual salary of $50,000.

Dirty Money

From cashing in during the pandemic to higher energy bills to an energy monopoly, Sempra is all about the money – in their pockets.

$ 0 M+
Sempra Net Profits

Pandemic Cash-in

Approximately 1/3rd of Sempra's revenues come from SDG&E. They have experienced massive growth in profits, even during the pandemic. Amazingly, in 2017 SDG&E contributed 100% of Sempra's profits! SOURCES:  Sempra Energy  Annual Report 2019 (pg. 57, 58). 2020 Data:

$ 0
SDGE Average Monthly Bill

Paying Double

SOURCE: Data from the publicly owned Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) shows the average monthly price, in dollars, for a residential bill using 750 kWh per month as of January 1, 2021 for CA utilities. SDG&E charges almost double.

$ 0 M
SDGE Net Profits

Energy Monopoly

SDG&E energy monopoly allows them by 2020 to collect over >$2,000,000 per day in profit from San Diego customers (Franchise Agreement hostages). SOURCES:  Sempra Energy  Annual Report 2019 (pg. 57). 2020 Data: